Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adjusted 250 Words

I took a step back and worked with a smaller range of events, so here's what I've come up with for the log-line and 250 words. Check out the contest here: http://brenleedrake.blogspot.com/2011/06/four-teens-judge-your-story-with-three.html?showComment=1309464008080#c191944983326420783

Let me know what you think of my new entry idea!

Sarah Keith

Logline for Masque:
Blue discovers the secrets of the Writer, the all-powerful ruler of their little village, while searching for her sister and being romanced by the power of lies and disguises. 

250 words:
I knew there was something wrong as soon as I heard the tinkling of the bell. There was only one reason for someone to ring at our house at this time of night. Something was wrong with Molly.
                My parents entered the hallway about the same time that I did. There were no locks on our doors, or on the doors of any other house in the hamlet. The Writer disallowed it. And as soon as I saw Charles standing inside the front door of our home, I registered how short my nightgown was, how sheer. My heart was throbbing in my chest. What was it?
                I wasn’t used to seeing him so close. On stage, he always looked so confident. Framed in my tiny doorway, he looked taller than usual. His strawberry-blond hair, usually slicked back, fell into his eyes. His face was etched in a strange sorrow. I wrapped my arms around my chest as I stood in the hallway. My father went up to Charles and took the small letter he held.
                “I wasn’t supposed to open it,” Charles said. The seam had been ripped.
                My father nodded. He understood. We all did. Charles and Molly were so close. My father opened the parchment and scanned it quickly, then looked up at Charles. “You have no idea where she could have gone?  Why?”
                Charles shook his head. “I wish I did, sir. This letter was given to me by the Writer. I was given no other information.”

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